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Syringe Pump

Being a quality driven Supplier, we strive to deliver top-notch quality Syringe Pumps in the Indian Territory.  Offered by us in several grades and ratings, our Syringe Pumps are Compatible with any standard Syringes. As far as quality is concerned, our Syringe Pumps so through several parameters prior to initial procurement and final delivery. Our prices are affordable!

Specifications :

  • Auto Calibration of Syringes.
  • Three working modes: Rate control mode, Time control mode and Dose-Weight control mode.
  • Auto Detection of Syringe volume. Broad range in delivery rate settings.
  • 8 Hours internal battery life (running at 5ml/h).
  • Three levels of alarm volume: high, medium and low.
  • Three levels of occlusion pressure: high, medium and low.
  • KVO function after infusion is complete; the pump automatically switches to the smallest flow to prevent creating the thrombus.


Features :

  • Large & colorful LCD display
  • History records
  • Rs232 interface
  • Adjustable buzzer volume
  • Anti-bolus function
  • Various visual and audible alarms
  • 900 rotatable pole clamp convenient for horizontal bar & vertical IV pole
  • Unique syringe intelligent recognition technology
  • Dynamically display the pressure
  • Double CPU ensuring safe infusion

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