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Helios Spirometers

Helios Spirometers

We are well-known Supplier of Helios Spirometers in Uttar Pradesh, India. Our Helios Spirometers are available in PC Based and Stand-alone Versions capable of diagnosing, differentiating and measuring various pulmonary diseases. The Helios series comes with highly advanced and user-friendly Software offering 34 Parameter readings, Pre-Post Bronchodialation Results, Percentage Improvement & Lung Age Calculations. The interpretation of the test results, trends and pediatric incentives are also available in the software. Interested buyers can obtain them in retail or bulk, from us.

Helios 401 Spirometer

Helios 401 Spirometer
  • USB powered ergonomic handset
  • Detachable and easy to disinfect digital turbine transducer
  • Best maneuver selection (Auto/Manual)
  • Indian predicated equations
  • Pediatric Incentives
  • Lungs Age Calculation
  • Flow-Volume/Volume-Time graphs
  • Pre-Post bronchodialation test
  • Trends
  • Doctor's Notes
  • Auto-Interpretation
  • Customized printing options (single and all curves)

Helios 702 Spirometer

Helios 702 Spirometer
  • High resolution color graphic TFT
  • Built-in thermal printer
  • Storage for 2500 patient data
  • FVC, SVC and MVV test
  • Evaluation of 51 vital parameters with interpretation
  • Indian predicted equations
  • Mains & Battery operations
  • Facility to download data to PC