Sanchit Healthcare

ECG Machine

Sanchit Healthcare is a trusted Supplier of ECG Machines and has a huge client following due to the efficiency of the machines supplied. Through our company policies we ensure that the ECG machines supplied are of premium quality as they are responsible for the health and care of the most vital organ- heart of a large number of people. We make sure that the readings indicated on the machine are accurate and flawless so that proper care of heart can be taken. Our supplied machines are used in the prominent hospitals and health clinics all over the country. Owing to the high quality of machine that we supply we are esteemed among the foreign manufacturers and in Indian health care sector as the best.


  • Flawless and accurate readings
  • Cost effective
  • To read cardiac activity and provide a printout of the electrical activity of the heart
  • Can store data of the cardiac activity of patients
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Single Channel ECG Machine
Sanchit Healthcare markets and supplies Single Channel ECG Machine manufactured by the leading companies from around the world in the Indian market. We ensure that the Single Channel ECG Machine that we offer are of high quality and shows no error since it incorporate high risk factor in the form of health of the heart of a person.

Three Channel ECG Machine
Sanchit Healthcare is a prominent Supplier of Three Channel ECG Machine that is manufactured by the leading companies around the globe. These machines help in accurate measurement of the electrical activities of the heart. The Three Channel ECG Machines that we market are flawless and so we are trusted name among the health sector people